Posted on : Friday, 03rd November 2017 [21:50:51 PM]

PSV Garuda Vega movie review: Praveen Sattaru and Rajasekhar deliver a top-notch thriller - 3.5 / 5 Ratings

PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M is not only the name of Praveen Sattaru’s latest film, starring Rajasekhar, but also a tipping point in the director’s career who makes a strong case that he can dare to dream big and also achieve his goal.

The film is relentless, gripping, thrilling in equal measure, and it’s not everyday that you get to use those words in a sequence, especially while talking about a Telugu film. It’s no secret that most Telugu films are built with a combination of two or three genres like action, drama, romance and comedy; however, PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M has only one motive - to put you on the edge of your seat, and it succeeds in doing that to a large extent.

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