JyoStar Horticulture Farms, where modern farming methods are used to grow your favorite fruits in a sustainable and Eco friendly way so you can relish all the fruits without out thinking twice. Our fruits are known for consistent quality, size, shape and taste, thanks to modern tech and and all the little details from harvesting, storing to logistics everything is perfectly planned to keep the fruits fresh and juicy till it arrives at your doorstep. The farm is our attempt at simple and Sustainable Living in a natural setting and explores ways to tread more lightly on the planet. It gives us an opportunity to observe nature, introspect and reflect upon our role in this natural world. We are constantly looking for and tryingalternate ways to conserve and protect soil, water and air. We hope that this model will inspire and motivate people to channel some of their actions towards, what we call, Individual Social Responsibility.

JyoStar Horticulture Farms:

Our Hi-Tech 100 acre Horticultural farms produce Mango, Banana, Amla and Papaya which are cultivated scientifically under Agro climatic conditions.