French-Hollywood Film Cinematographers for Garuda Vega

Posted on : Tuesday, 13th June 2017 [13:00:00 PM]

Cinema is a well written drama and is often inspired from real life. Behind the scenes of every film is more dramatic than the film itself and its true. One such dramatic incident happened on the sets of film Garuda Vega. A 40 member crew and cast of the film were supposed to board a flight to Georgia for a month long schedule and a day before their departure they hear a bad news. The cinematographer’s father was very sick and he had to head back home. It was devastating for the producer. Having spent crores of money and planning everything, something like this is a huge dent. How will they shoot If the camera man of the film is not available?

The team had two options. Either to cancel the shoot and loose all the money or find another cinematographer in one days time. So, they decided to find someone local in Georgia. To the teams surprise, they found not just one but two perfect cinematographers Gika Chelidze and Bakur Chikobava for the two camera set up. They came with an experience of 20 years in French/Hollywood/Georgian/Turkish films. Gika worked with Hollywood actors like Andy Garcia on a French/Hollywood collaboration film set in the second world war and many war films in Georgia. “Garuda Vega is a technically brilliant visual feast on par with Hollywood action films”, says director Praveen Sattaru with confidence.

Source : IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, June 13, 2017]